International Mystical School of Spiritual Diversity

Your Spiritual Development and Holistic Healing Training Center 

       Meet Our Teachers and Administrators
Christine Oliver aka Mystic White Wolf - Teaching the Reiki Drumming Class

Reiki Master / Teacher, Reiki Drum Master, Ordained Minister, and Many other forms of Energy Healing.

I've been walking my own spiritual path at a very early age, I am deeply connected to the earth, spirits, animals and energies. A hereditary witch, I was born very psychic and sensitive to energies around me. A lover of Nature, I am a mother/grandmother and have passed a lot of my inner knowing on to my children and grandchildren as my grandparents and parents did with me. 

I am easy going laid back always willing to Learn something new. I love working with Crystals and creating sacred space and sacred circles. I also do Readings, Tarot as well as many other types of Readings. I guess the best way to know who I am is to get to know me through this school

Erica Grooms (aka on face book Erica Rees Grooms)

Teaches Usui Reiki, and soon Erica’s new courses on Herbs & Essential Oils. Erica is the founder of Loving Hands Loving Heart, LLC. In addition to being a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Erica also is an Intuitive Inspirational Life Coach, connects clients with their angels and guides providing blessings of messages, identifying who the angels and guides are, their purpose and past life readings as well as clearing spaces. Erica seems to have a gift of removing attachments of spirits, ET’s and reptilians. In addition to teaching and writing Erica is an author of Living An Inspired Life Master Course and is currently writing a new book. Erica studies organic gardening, herbs, essential oils and creative floral designs for judging through the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs an extension of Ohio State University where she has not only taught but has also held various officer positions over the last 15 years. In 2014 Erica received 2 in person implants and activations from the 7 Archangels. Erica is attuned to the 10th degree of Ascension Reiki, Reiju Reiki, Octagon Star Tetra and Archangel Michael’s Star Healing Attunement.

“My working career started with an Art Major in college and after a short sabbatical I went back to school and have been going every since”. “I received my Coaching/Management/HR accreditation from the American College initially and then received Registered Health Underwriter, Life Underwriter, Financial Planning and Financial Advisor”. “During my training I worked in the Financial Services Industries as a Coach, Manager, trainer, advisor and sales in Insurance and the Banking Industry as a Credit Coach, Mortgage Broker and Loan Officer”. “I later continued working in Coaching and Sales as well as an Employee Benefits Specialist”. “I have also received a degree for Medical Administrative Assistant”.

““I am an old soul and indigo from the Pleiadian Solar System the planet Sirius”. “I try to align my life in “oneness”, which means I am intuitive but not in control”. “My greatest gift is to ignite the spark of enthusiasm and excitement in others and help them to connect to their soul’s path their true essence”. “The ultimate achievement of my life expression is to change the consciousness of others so that they aspire to their highest ideals.”

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