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We believe that all practices and teachings of NLP by trained professionals result in the promotion of knowledge about the individual's immense mental power. We further feel that these actions will lead open-minded people to a more enlightened approach to taking full control of their everyday lives.

Our ingredients are all natural and gluten free.  We use no artificial flavors, colors, flavorings, or preservatives.  

Naturally caffeinated tea: Warrior's Brew, Green Tea, and Orange Pekoe Cut Black Tea.

Naturally non-caffeinated tea: Chief's Delight, Good Medicine, Indian Love Tea, Teepee Dreams, Victory Tea.

“International Network of Reiki Professionals.” 

This new International Cooperative brings Reiki Masters together in a global exchange of support.

Our Program offers and fully supports the credibility of distant teaching and distant attunements. It is our belief that Reiki is a universal energy that is not bound by distance, space or time; we all recognize the credibility and effectiveness of distant healing. Distant Attunements work on the same principal and therefore as equally credible and effective.

We also recognize that not everyone agrees with us. Many professional associations only accept members who have received at least one attunement in-person. These associations also have great influence with State and National Operational Standards and Regulatory Agencies, therefore many of these agencies encourage in-person attunements as well. We are making great strides in recognition and acceptance for our Distant Program – our Syllabus, Content, and evaluation methods are being evaluated according to Operating Standards and I believe will be accepted.

However, we can also work with those who prefer in-person attunements and gain equal credibility with those peers groups as well. This is the purpose of this Network. Our current groups support a combined membership of approximately 6,500 Reiki Students, Practitioners, and Masters, representing every continent (except Antarctica) and a large percentage of nations around the world. 

We welcome and encourage all Reiki Masters to be part of this network, whether trained though our program or by another Master. Through this network, we can act as coaches and practice friends with students of other Distant Masters, living in our area. We will also offer in-person attunements when required by local authorities.

All Masters are encouraged to become part of our “International Network of Reiki Masters”

– Wado and Namaste

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