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Featured Auction Items for the International Mystical School of Spiritual Diversity

Check out the latest School Auction - Choose one or combine - This are all custom made by order (will take approximately 10 days to create before shipping), therefore each is slightly difference, and can be created with your choice of stones (just tell me what you want and I will tell you if I have it) Stones used in the photos are Amethyst, Fresh Water Pearls, Rose and Strawberry Quartz and Ruby - Shipping for the Story Stick and Fairy wands is higher - minimum of $9.95 for economy shipping, express is just too expensive =D  - shipping is included, yet because of shipping, bidding starts at $25 - individual photos are available as well - Happy Bidding - (The previous auction is still open as well)  Auction is available at:

Paypal accepted for all purchases.  Just use the button to the right - Thank You 

Double Auction - We have two featured items this time - when bidding please say which Item - First is the "Tree of Life" wand by  Paul Alexander Borchard.

Next is your choice of the two necklace designs - Anam Cara or True Love  - made by me - Remember the necklaces are custom made, so may take a week before being shipped.  If you prefer different gemstones, just let me know.  

Bids start at $35 and will include shipping.  Normal retail on the Wand of the nature, is $75 and higher - The Necklaces with matching earrings retail for  a minimum of $75 - $95 .  

"Tree of Life" Wand

It’s made with the stem from the “tree of life,” Cannabacea, and infused with the combination of energies from 

5 continents, Europe, Asia Africa, South America, and North America.

That global energy is then focused through the clear Quartz point. The stem has been notched and the gem has been glued in place for added strength and the maroon wrap is cloth from India.

This item was made and donated by Paul ThreePpnw Cannabacea

The Winner of this Auction can use PayPal – the account is [email protected]

Or the Gofundme account -

True Love

Genuine Ruby gemstones and Fresh Water Pearls - individual wire bead links Necklace with Matching Earrings.

Ruby is often called the Stone of Passion – It is said the energy of this gem is the most intense and inspiring of all gemstones. It has long been associated with Love, a pure, deep, driven love – a Love Everlasting.

Pearl comes from Latin and means Unique and it is in a special class of gemstones. It’s one of the few organic stones, a gem of life and connected to Akasha or Spirit. In many older cultures, the pearl was also known as the Stone of Truth. Thus together we have “True Love”

Anam Cara

The combination of Ruby, Rose Quartz, and Strawberry Quartz celebrates Unconditional Love. Gentle and resilient, a love that lives forever in both life and spirit. Symbolic of the “Soul Friend” 20" length. Your choice of design

Announcement:  We do understand that sometimes what we want doesn't fall in line with paydays - so we've decided to open bidding to everyone with the options of Pay Now or later with a "Promise to Pay" date,  for the Charity Auctions and the School Auctions as well  If anyone has any questions about it, just contact me - we can work something out. Thank You for your Support

To Bid on our Featured item or others as posted (E-Book sets are always available)

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