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Story Stick Wand (14")


This wand is made from Oak, Wood is gathered each New Moon, after removing the bark, the wood is hand rubbed with 3 different oils (Rose, Lemon Grass, Lavendar) for 3 days each - then had wazed to seal the wood - coated with acrylic - charged with the Full Moon - then adornment begins - crystal point, feathers are found and gifted by bird friends, pony beads and embedded crystals complete the proceess - all wands are blessed on the next New Moon. Each Wand varies, wood, feathers, gemstones keeping each one of a kind and an energy of it's own.


When Great Spirit created all things - rock people, plant people - Fin, Fur and Feather people - 4 legged and 2 legged, we all spoke a universal language - we respected each other as co-creations and equal - Earth lived in Harmony -


Soon 2-legs became haughty. Feeling superior to all, they made their own language and forgot how to hear or speak the language of the rest of creation -


Great Spirit saw this and was sad but also knew that someday 2-legs would again learn respect and need the old stories and ancient wisdom.


Tree people offered to keep those stories, some insect people knew they could lay their eggs in the trees and when the larva hatched it would burrow beneath the bark and record those stories of original ways and wisdom - but how? The young didn't know the stories yet either.


Cricket, Grasshopper, Katydid decided they could sing the stories at night time and the larva could crawl on the wood under the bark and record the songs - soon the forests were filled with beautiful music and the tales of old.


But still how would two-legs find or understand these stories? Great Spirit talked the rest of the animals, rock people, and plants - each 2-legged would be given an animal/rock/plant spirit to help share those stories and tell of the meanings -


Yes I talk with trees too, Crow leads me to certain trees, and fallen branches where those stories have been recorded - I remove the bark to reveal the stories, and then dress the limb in honor and gratitude to become a Story Stick.


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