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Who Judges Who? What Did He or She do?

Posted by [email protected] on April 12, 2015 at 2:35 PM


When We Judge

What’s wrong with him?

If he’s so good, why is he all-alone?

You say he was married why did his wife leave?

He raised his daughter himself, where is she now?

If he’s so smart, why does he work for minimum wage?

If he’s so friendly, where are his friends?

He’s hiding something, just got to be.

No one can be what he seems and be so alone, such a failure,

living at home with his Mother.

Can’t he make it on his own?

Is that it, he’s lazy and taking everything his Mother has?

Stay away from him; I wouldn't trust him at all!

Behind that smile must beat an evil heart.

If he has no friends, it must be because no one likes him.

I mean his own wife and daughter left him.

He ought to be in prison or executed.

He’s a danger to society.

How can the authorities just let him walk free?

I mean after what he has done,

He should curl up and die,

Useless, vile vermin.

Why? What has he done?

I don’t know but it must be really bad.

No one likes him. He’s so alone.

The world would just be a better place without his kind.

The man sat alone, head down, praying to God.

His mother-in-law had just died.

He had been at her hospital bedside for those last few painful days.

No sleep, no shower, no shave.

But others could not see the pain in his heart,

They only saw the unkempt man sitting on the bench, with eyes closed.

Must be a bum, no good vagrant, sleeping off a drunk on a public bench.

He has no shame, Can’t he see us decent folk come here to enjoy nature.

His wife couldn't bear the long hours

and endless days that he worked.

Sure they needed money for the funeral,

But why couldn't he see that she needed him too?

She left.

Behind the 6-year old daughter stayed.

For twelve years, he became both mother and father.

Not perfect, but he tried.

The little girl soon grew into a young woman.

She fell in love, got married, and had a son of her own.

His Mom was older, diabetic.

The doctor said she could no longer live alone,

She he gave away what he had,

And moved back to care for her.

And he was alone.

Someone said that laughter helps heals the soul.

But it must be shared to do so.

And he tried.

He smiled on the outside, cried on the inside

But he tried.

Then he met a ray of sunshine, a kindred soul.

Their ages far apart, but their friendship was pure

Not soiled with smut and lust, but kind and sweet and full of cheer.

But others could only see through their own eyes.

Old men didn't want a friend;

They all have only one thing on their minds.

What could a young girl possibly see

In a wrinkled, bent, misshapen old man?

She must be looking for a “Sugar Daddy”

But he’s broke so it won’t last long.

Then they shared their secret,

A secret of pain.

They leaned on each other

Because no one else seemed to care.

They were friends as friends should be.

Lovers? Never! Why let something so mundane

Spoil the Friendship. That would be the shame.

Why can’t each confide in someone of their own age?

Maybe because of good people, people just like you and me.

The innocence of our child hood now long gone.

We've taught our children well, they also only look for wrong.

The world is so beautiful, filled with golden light.

Even the topside of the storm cloud is very, very bright.

The Moon and Stars light the blackened night.

Not poetry, only musings, just wondering why?

--Roger Nobles

written 4/21/2000



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