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Twin Bubbles of Creation

Posted by [email protected] on July 29, 2015 at 9:25 PM

This not an absolute, it is only a concept, my own vision, a reoccurring dream

My Best Friend and Mulit-Media Artist, Lisa Ann Ulibarri, shared this art to illustrate the Story of Tree and Crow, the Twin Bubbles

The Twin Bubbles

Before Creation, the Lake of Chaos was still and dark until a tiny sliver of light touched the surface of that Lake. A ripple stirred, it moved, it grew, and then a bubble formed. That Bubble rose from the Darkness, A Bubble of Shadow, yet a Bubble of Form, and it spiraled upward as if seeking the very source of Light.


That Bubble was the original essence of life, the First Soul. As it rose, it also divided as two Bubbles, two Souls, Twin Souls, spiraling around each other as they journeyed into the blackness of Not Yet.


As they continued to travel, tiny particles of light formed in their wake. From these particles, stars and planets were formed, universes were created. Life began.


While back at the Lake of Chaos, other slivers of light moved along that dark surface, more ripples, more bubbles, more shadow souls - in waves they formed, in waves they spiraled skyward. As a group of kindred souls, they followed the path of the Twin Souls. As they encountered stars and planets, Colonies of Soul Families - Soul Tribes - chose to inhabit the new worlds and to create physical vessels as homes for the souls of energy.


Life took many forms, and continued to adapt, to change, to grow, to evolve. New Soul Groups are born in Shadow created as the Light of Order still merges with the darkness of the Lake of Chaos. Each wave, each group of New Souls rises upward to bring life to the new worlds created in the wake of the Twin Souls continuing Journey.


As Life evolves, those physical vessels housing soul’s energy begin to age, to show wear and injure. The vessels return to where they were formed and new vessels are formed as replacements. Displaced Souls re-enter the new vessels. Displaced Souls did not always reincarnate into new vessels immediately, some created a Spirit Realm where they could examine everything learned during their previous incarnation, and decide what needed to be learned in future lives.


Some realized those who remained in physical form often needed protection, instruction, and guidance for both physical growth and spiritual advancement. These spirits would return to the physical realm still in spirit form to aid those of flesh.


However, as the evolution process continued, the physical soon forgot about the Spirit and when this energy life form was encountered, fear sprang from the unknown, the now forgotten.


Spirit learned to assume a perceived form that was comfortable, recognizable, and accepted. “Guides” would show themselves as ancestors, passed loved ones, or historical figures of wisdom and fame, or even as Animals or Nature Spirits. Usually Guides are from the same Soul Group, but may be from other Groups or Families, from other Worlds, Dimensions, and Realms as well.


Yet I have deviated from the travel of the Twin Bubbles. So back to that Journey.


As the twins traveled on, and more worlds were created in their wake, they decided to stop for a moment on one of those worlds and look at what was done.


The Bubbles morphed one as Tree, the other as Crow – Tree’s roots began to sink deep into that world and it felt a part of Tree and Tree part of that world. Crow rested in the branches, therefore did not feel the connection Tree did. So when Tree suggested they remain, Crow felt the need to continue the journey – the Joy of the Journey.


As Crow spread its wings and began to fly away, Tree also changed – a Woman walked from inside Tree and as she walked the barren earth was covered in green and also many bright colors – Grass and flowers filled her foot prints. Lakes formed with fish and many other forms of life. Animals of all shapes and forms seem to spring from the very earth itself. Birds filled the air.


Crow smiled knowing that Tree would be happy, yet also shed a tear knowing the journey would now be a lonely one, without Tree.


Time Passed, Crow continued not as Bubble now, but remained as Crow in memory of Tree. The loneliness grew stronger and stronger until finally Crow decide to also make a home as well. Eleven Stars, including twin stars, one purple the other white. Then came a world orbiting the purple star and that is where Crow called home – the Constellation is Corvus and the purple star is Corvi – both are Latin for Crow.


Crow also created a meadow on that planet – a small stream bordering one side, and an Apple Tree in the center of the Meadow – Crow misses Tree and will sometimes sit in that meadow and watch Tree on the other world. Crow has promised to someday return to Tree’s side, but for now only watches.


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