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The 5th national/international Vote/Election for the World's Best Lightworkers 2015-2016 is back -  So Please Vote  - I've listed our teachers who have been nominated in the categories listed - you can use these if you want, or you can make your own nominations as well - I would really appreciate your vote for our school for sure.  So if you haven't voted yet, please do - we truly appreciate you support, it really means a great deal to us individually, but more importantly to the whole school

Here is the website for more details:

Send Your Email to: Marla Cohen at [email protected]

(Cut and Paste if you want to but please vote)

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I Nominate and Vote for: 

Category #1: Best Crystal and Stone Energy Healing Practitioners

Cara Boyadzhieva Fautley, UK

Category #11: Best Paranormal Researchers/Investigators in the United States

Tonya Klaes, USA


Category #28: World’s Best Animal Reiki Practitioners

Christine Oliver, USA

Jaci Oliver, USA

Roger Nobles, USA

Category #33: World’s Best Healers

Anna Coote, Ireland

Cara Boyadzhieva Fautley, UK

Roger Nobles, USA

Christine Oliver, USA

Tara Ashley Harper, USA

 Category #43: World’s Best Reiki Masters

Tonya Klaes, USA

Erica Rees Grooms, USA

Roger Nobles, USA

Christine Oliver, USA

Category #46: World’s Best Tarot Readers

Toni Puhle, Germany

Category #47: World’s Best Witches and White Magick Practitioners

Holly D. ONeil, Canada

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All Profits will be applied to the Fund.

We have a very limited supply of these Chakra pendants on hand (I do have more ordered, however shipping is 2 - 3 weeks) Pre-Orders are being accepted - 

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